Tuesday, 28 July 2015


28 JULY 2015

Now this is a DIY hack that I can't actually claim responsibility for. Well, I came up with the idea, Tom just got round to implementing it first! 

We've got a bit of a copper accent theme going on in our living room - just a hint here and there, nothing too serious - and we wanted to finish it off by replacing the old brass light fitting with something a bit more contemporary and fitting with the copper theme. I saw a tutorial months and months ago for a geometric icosahedron light fitting made out of copper pipe and I absolutely loved it. 

We went for something a little more simple than an icosahedron. I'm not sure if it has a name, but essentially it's a square bipyramid, slightly longer on the bottom than the top. We bought a funky, vintage-looking bulb and cord fitting from our favourite interiors shop, Liv's, and used copper pipe to create the geometric shape...

Tom used a pipe cutter to cut lengths of pipe and joined it all together with copper wire. Looks pretty cute don't you think? 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


22 JULY 2015

So, we had a bit of a DIY weekend this weekend. I say that like we don't do this every weekend at the moment. Which we do. Because we're crazy...

But anyway, we finally got round to putting up our giant mirror in the dining room - one of the many finishing touches! I wanted to do something a little different and mount it on chains rather than directly to the wall. Here's how it looks now. I love, love, love! X

Thursday, 16 July 2015


16 JULY 2015

The bf and I decided to go out for breakfast on Sunday. Earlier in the week I'd driven past the cutest looking place in Edgbaston and we'd looked it up online to find the menu and opening times. So, we got up on Sunday morning and drove in the rain, looking forward to some tasty breakfast. We arrived, and it was shut. Massive bummer.

As we sulked on our way back to the car though we walked past The High Field. We saw a couple eating in the window who looked like they were enjoying themselves, and so thought we'd take a chance on this unknown place and see if it could satisfy our shattered breakfast expectations.

From the moment we walked through the door I knew this was my kind of place. The decor was fresh and more than a little bit quirky, and the staff were super friendly and attentive.

The attention to detail was really impressive. From the uniform table settings, sheepskin seat covers and fresh flowers in vases, to the makeshift Lyle's Golden Syrup sugar bowls and sweet little side-dish of smarties with our pots of tea, I can tell that there is no expense spared to make the dining experience here comfortable and enjoyable.

We ordered the pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, and the eggs Benedict with smoke salmon to share. Oh. My. God. We were not disappointed. Feast your eyes on these babies...

The pancakes were amazing, and the eggs Benedict were quite honestly the best I've ever had. The portions were massive too! Definitely a must visit if you're a breakfast fan! X

Saturday, 11 July 2015


11 JULY 2015

 A slightly different summer-inspired recipe for you all now: mojito pops! Perfect for enjoying in the garden in this hot weather we're having.

This is just a classic mojito cocktail recipe frozen in ice lolly moulds.

for the perfect mojito...
4cl white rum (Bacardi)
3cl fresh lime juice
6 mint leaves
2 tsp sugar
soda water

Crush the mint with the sugar, rum and lime juice and dilute with soda water to taste. Pour into ice lolly moulds (mine were £2.50 from Sainsbury's) and put in the fridge to set, preferably overnight. 

I hope you enjoy these fun little adult treats! Let me know what you think. X

Sunday, 5 July 2015


5 JULY 2015

Hi guys, there have been quite a few things making me smile lately. It's funny, I find now that I'm looking for stuff I can put in this post, I seem to find more things that bring a smile to my face than I ever realised! It just goes to show that the little things do really slip past you unless you take the time to consciously appreciate them...

We hadn't been on a date night for ages, so last Friday's spontaneous cinema date was soooo nice. We saw Spy which was hilarious and I had one of my favourite treats of all time - Fentiman's Cherry Tree Cola! Oh, and who doesn't love any opportunity for a we're-going-on-a-date-night car selfie?

The walk back to the car was also really pretty - there's something so calming about being outside when the sun has finally set on warm summer's night...

2. BLUE...
Our cat, Blue, is just the cutest thing in the world. He is supposed to be a house cat but we let him out for the first time this week - there's only so much I can take of his pawing at the kitchen window and pathetic mewing at the birds outside. With us spending so much time gardening at the moment, it almost seemed cruel to leave him locked up inside. 

I was terrified he would run away or towards the main road and we'd never see him again. As it happens, he barely ventures outside the garden, preferring to just stay with us when we're out there. If he does wander out of sight he comes when he's called, so it's a win-win really, I just feel bad that we didn't let him out sooner!

I know I've already featured the ladder shelf, but it is my favourite thing is the house at the moment. It's filling up so nicely now! The most recent purchases we made were the two rectangular terrariums and the candles to fill them, all from Liv's - quite honestly the best interiors shop I've ever been in and my go-to when I'm looking for something a bit unique. Oh, and the staff are amazing and it's on our doorstep too!

4. NATURE...
It's usually spring that has me in awe of nature's beauty, but this year it's proving to be summer. My peace lily - a gift from my Mum when we bought the house a year ago - has just opened it's second flower, and these sunflowers I bought for my new vase are just so beautiful!

I'm lucky that I get to see my family every week and spend quality time with them, but that time just seems to feel a bit more special when there's gorgeous sunshine and long evenings to spend it in. 

We went to Digbeth Dining Club on Friday night which is always a great night...

...and we had a BBQ with my Mum and Dad on Saturday night (#meatoverload) which ended with this gorgeous sunset. Happy times. x