Monday, 23 November 2015

hello again...

I've finally had an annual leave day where I've had absolutely nothing planned. Still, I've somehow made it to 6.30pm without even touching my blog. I think my 25th birthday brought with it a whole heap of laziness that I'm still trying to shake off...

It did also bring with it (albeit over a month ago now) some lovely gifts off my family and friends, one of which was Madeleine Shaw's amazing book, Get the Glow. 

I'm pretty much living off this book at the moment. There's something in there for every occasion, every meal and all recipes are made to promote wellbeing and the banishment of gluten and processed sugar. Not only is every recipe packed full of flavour, but I love knowing that what I'm making is good for me and won't irritate my Crohn's disease, or leave me feeling hungry. If you're looking to raise your health game in the diet department, or just want to try something new and boost your wellbeing, I highly recommend this book to you. 

I recently made these lemon and pistachio cupcakes which are gluten free, dairy free, and made only with natural sugars, so they're super guilt free and perfect for those after dinner cravings. 

You can find the links to buy Get the Glow online from her website here,