Saturday, 18 April 2015

Triathlon Update: 164 Days To Go

18 APRIL 2015

It's been a few weeks since my last triathlon update, and I wish I could say that I've been so busy training that I just haven't had the time to post about it, but I'd be lying. The fact is I have been busy, but with work, not exercise. So, my waistline has in fact been gradually expanding from 'hard-earned' desk treats rather than shaping up nicely for September = massive fail.

The sun shining over the last couple of weeks has given me some drive and a reason to get out and get fit. I've managed a few runs  - a couple of gentle jogs with the in-laws dogs and a 5.5k run last weekend. But last night I managed to top my personal best for distance and made it a whole 7.5k in 45 minutes - I now feel like Rocky Balboa...

I've never run that far before, so I didn't think I could make it to be honest, but I did notice something last night that has given me a reason to stay positive. Normally when I run, my desperate need for oxygen gets the better of me and I give up, even though my legs still feel fine. Last night, however, I noticed that my breathing settled after about 5k and I no longer felt like I was gasping for air. After that, it was just a case of waiting for my legs to give in. 

I think that means that my body is finally starting to get used to running, so hopefully soon I will be able to run 10k no problem, and 5k should feel easy. Whether I can do 5k after a 400m swim and 20k cycle is another question, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Breakfast: Coconut Milk Porridge

14 APRIL 2015

I've started following Joe Wicks Instagram, aka The Body Coachon Instagram. I saw him on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch a few weeks ago, and ever since I've been addicted to his #Leanin15 fifteen second recipe videos.

This recipe for coconut milk porridge isn't one of them, it's one of my own, but you can have it ready in under 15 minutes and it's full of super foods, so perfect if you're trying to get lean. It's also a little more interesting than regular porridge!

For someone like me, with Crohn's disease to contend with, this is a really good dairy free alternative for breakfast, and contains only natural sugars.

porridge oats 
coconut milk
ground cinnamon
ground chia seeds
mixed fruit (raisins, sultanas, apricots, cranberries etc) 


Combine the oats (I used 5 dessert spoonfuls per portion), coconut milk (about a quarter of a can for one portion) and water (roughly the same amount as coconut milk) in a pan and heat until all the liquid has absorbed. 

Top with the dried fruit, nuts, cinnamon and chia seeds and stir in a spoonful of honey. These ingredients are completely optional and can be swapped for toppings of your choice. Another favourite of mine is sliced banana and chopped almonds. Yummmm.

Enjoy with your morning cup of tea - obviously mandatory!