Sunday, 28 April 2013

28 APRIL 2013

Today my boyfriend Tom and I experienced that rare genuine human kindness that has the power to spread warmth and happiness through people's lives.

We stopped by our local town centre to pick up some birthday cards. We pulled into the near-empty car park and were in the process of paying the £1.50 for our pay and display ticket when a man walked past us on the way to his car. He offered us his ticket which was valid for the rest of the day, no questions asked, out of pure kindness. 

Beaming from experiencing such genuine generosity, we vowed to try and pay the man's good deed forward, just like in the 2000 film 'Pay It Forward' starring Haley Joel Osment. So, as we left the car park, we offered our ticket to a woman who was about to purchase her own. We left feeling extremely warm-hearted to have made the woman smile. 

It's amazing how much happiness simple good deeds can bring. So, if you are lucky enough to experience a deed of such true kindness, I encourage you to pay it forward and feel the happiness it brings you. X  

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  1. What a wonderful world we would live in if everyone was like this.