Friday, 10 October 2014


10 OCTOBER 2014

Long time no post again, I'm sorry everyone! We've been super busy trying to rescue our bathroom, which now only consists of a toilet, a wash basin, and 4 very bare, very uneven walls. I'll save the detail for another post but, in short, we've had rather stressful couple of weeks with very little time to stop and reflect on the positives. So, now that I've got 5 minutes, I thought I'd share my three reasons to feel happy this week...

1. It was my birthday on Saturday! Whoop! So I was treated to a fun-filled weekend starting with a trip to the Monkey Forest in Staffordshire, followed by dinner and gin cocktails at the Jekyll and Hyde, and ending with a spa day and delicious meal at the Elms Hotel & Spa in Worcestershire. Lucky girl!

2. My Dad's shoulder surgery went well on Tuesday :) He'll have to use his other arm to write me notes like this one for the next few months!

3. My Mum makes the best fruit cake ever! We even managed to marzipan and royal ice it successfully - not bad for a first attempt!

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