Sunday, 21 June 2015


20 JUNE 2015

I'm not really sure why, but at the end of the week we always seem to have so many left overs, and nothing really substantial that you could look at and say 'that'll make a good meal'. Maybe it's because there's only two of us, or maybe we're just terrible at planning our meals, but it's so uninspiring looking in the fridge and seeing a single carrot, 3 cherry tomatoes and a half-finished tub of hummus...

Anyway, just because there's lots of bits left over doesn't mean that anything has to be wasted. At this time of year, let's face it, we're trying to be good, so it tends to be vegetables that we've got left - perfect for an everything salad.

It's quite simple, we just throw everything we've got left (within reason obviously) into a big salad. Here's how it went this week...

things we had left...
1 courgette
1 head of chicory
1/2 a pomegranate
Feta cheese
5 slices of prosciutto
1/2 a tin of sweetcorn
1/2 a tub of hummus
4 spring onions

I cut the courgette into thin strips and steamed it first, everything else I just piled on top with a crack of black pepper. Tom also made a honey and mustard dressing by combining English mustard, runny honey, olive oil and white wine vinegar - ingredients we already had in our store cupboard.

I love an everything salad, they're so satisfying in more ways than one. They're delicious, filling, and they use up all of the leftovers that might otherwise be wasted! Yum yum. X

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  1. Looks lovely Han and so much better than throwing good food away :)