Wednesday, 7 August 2013

7 AUGUST 2013

Grrrrr! I hate feeling angry on my way into work, but thanks to you and your bigoted ways, Godfrey Bloom, I am now in a bad mood.

Not only did the UKIP MEP defend his insolent comments about the British government sending aid to 'Bongo bongo land' on Radio 4's Today show, but he had the audacity to wager that most of the listeners would also agree with his criticisms of our government's policies on overseas aid. I can tell you right now Mr Bloom that I was listening, and I think you were talking complete crap.

His insulting and overtly racist remarks, as well as his narrow-minded defence of the 'under-represented' cricket-and-rugby-club-going class in this country were offensive to both those receiving overseas aid and the intelligence of Radio 4 listeners and the British public at large. That this is the sort of man who is 'elected' to be an MEP frightens me - no wonder Europe is going down the plug hole...X

If you would like to read more about Godfrey Bloom's comments yesterday please follow this link: 

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