Tuesday, 3 December 2013



The Hunger Games trilogy helped me survive my final year at university. Strangely, the harrowing, at times gruesome, storyline provided an escape for me, an escape from the stresses of exams to a different world and characters I felt truly connected to. I was so engrossed that when the trilogy ended I felt a genuine loss, or 'book mourning' as I like to call it, and yearned for a fourth installment so I wouldn't have to admit that my love affair with Katniss and Peeta was finally over.

Since graduating, the promise of reliving my favourite trilogy through film has had me squealing with excitement and counting down the weeks to each new release. The latest installment, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, did not disappoint. Incredibly true to the book, this screen adaptation is gripping from start to finish and graphically breathtaking. I felt as glued to the cinema screen as I was to my Kindle two years ago, desperate to find out the fate of the tributes and the future of Panem.

Just as with the first film, The Hunger Games, the fictional world of Panem is brought to life through the stark poverty of the Districts completely juxtaposed by the fabulously over-the-top, dazzling technicolour of the Capitol. The political overtones of dictatorship, despotism and libertarian struggle are made clear in this distinct contrast. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, once again, as the heroine Katniss Everdeen, bringing a feminist dimension to this already wonderfully intelligent story.

This film is a captivating adaptation of Suzanne Collins' dystopian novel; a work of silver screen genius and a definite must-see for anyone who enjoys a thrilling science fiction adventure. A fan of the books or not, I'm sure you'll love it!

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