Sunday, 1 December 2013



Happy December everyone! I felt Christmas well and truly arrive as I opened the first door on my advent calendar this morning. The battle for the best festive advert has commenced, Christmas films are showing every night of the week, and twinkling decorations are popping up all over our houses and down our streets, spreading that familiar festive warmth and the promise of good times to come.

Typically, November has flown by, taking the last of Autumn with it and consuming all my free time with the obligatory Christmas shopping, list making, and other seasonal preparations. Finding the time to blog has been a nightmare, so I apologise for my silence of late. All stressing aside, the developing festive atmosphere throughout November has prepared me nicely for the end of 2013. I've got more work on than I've ever had, but something about the Christmas season just seems to make me forget about all that and focus instead on the positives in life.

I hope that all of you have something wonderful to look forward to this Christmas. Whether that's spending some quality time with loved ones, or just having some well earned rest and time off work, I wish you all a very happy December and upcoming festive season.

LOVE | Hannah

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