Thursday, 2 January 2014


2 JANUARY 2013

Happy new year everybody! I hope you had indulgent celebrations wherever you were - it's good to treat yourself from time to time!

For many, a new year signals a new beginning and the chance to make changes for the better. For me, 2014 is my chance to develop my interest in cooking and food, experimenting with recipes I know and finding healthy alternatives to some of my more guilty pleasures.

Some of you may already know that I suffer from Crohn's disease, an immune disorder affecting the functioning of the digestive system, often leading to the need for complex surgeries and gruelling drugs regimes. Many sufferers find certain foods can trigger flare-ups in their illness, and so find it easier and safer to avoid certain food groups altogether.

I've had Crohn's disease for 16 years now, and I am yet to find any consistency between sufferers in either their symptoms or the foods that they have an aversion to. Thus, it is difficult to generalise when recommending diet regimes for Crohn's sufferers. All I know is that eliminating 'junk' or heavily processed foods seems to have helped me over the past year or so. This is the inspiration behind my homemade muesli. It is made from entirely natural ingredients, no added sugar or preservatives, just the natural sweetness from the fruits and nuts that make up this yummy breakfast.

Click here to see how you can make some for yourself and get your 2014 off to a naturally healthy start! Don't be afraid to comment, let me know you get on an what you think.

LOVE | Hannah

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