Sunday, 30 June 2013

24 JUNE 2013

For this post, I thought I would steer clear of criticism and instead share with you my recent experience of the great outdoors. Instead of a big family holiday this year, we decided to take a couple of weekend breaks to celebrate my parent's 50th and 60th birthdays. First stop was Center Parcs for my dad's 60th. We spent the three days mostly mountain-biking, swimming and cooking healthy meals, throwing in the occasional sauna and a little treat massage at the Aqua Sana spa!

I came home feeling refreshed and revitalised, if a little achy from all the exercise! More importantly, the clean forest air cleared out the cobwebs from my mind and let me escape from the 9 to 5 computer-based desk job of my ordinary life. Being at one with nature, even just for three days, gave me a new outlook on life - a healthier outlook - and has inspired me to continue to exercise regularly and eat healthy, nourishing meals. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming healthy recipes! X    

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