Tuesday, 5 November 2013



Today's Quote of the Day is inspired by my day at work. You might remember that a few days ago I wrote a post about domestic abuse, and some exciting opportunities coming up for me to get involved in the battle against domestic abuse in Birmingham.

This morning, Birmingham Council House was home to the first meeting of the Violence Against Women and Children Steering Group. Being the first meeting, it was difficult to establish much direction in terms of making changes to the current provisions for preventing and managing domestic violence. However, it was painfully clear that all Bodies involved are suffering from a serous lack of resources following the major government cuts and savings targets.

In light of this, and with domestic abuse becoming ever more widespread across the region, it is also clear that a radical approach is the only approach to tackling domestic abuse. Political changes and restructuring introduced by the current government are bringing healthcare and politics closer than they have ever been before. This also means that funding for things like domestic abuse will be distributed differently. With this in mind, we must do all we can with the funding we are given. I have no doubt this will require some seriously imaginative thinking, but I'm confident that it can be done, that we can start making changes for the better for the sake of all those suffering the effects of domestic abuse.

To do this we need to work together, remaining curious about the issues facing us and ambitious about our goals, and doors will start to open with new ideas and paths to solving the problems we face. On Friday I will be visiting the Freedom Project in Kings Heath where I hope to find out more about what they are doing to help victims of domestic abuse, with a view to forming some of my own ideas about the best ways to battle domestic violence in the new world of healthcare commissioning and government cuts. Let's be curious and look to the future - you never know what we might achieve. 

LOVE | Hannah

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