Saturday, 8 February 2014



I'm so sorry for the long, long silence! I wish I could say I've been doing something exciting, but unfortunately the truth is that the unavoidable call of grown-up life has been consuming all my time. Now I've got a Saturday to myself, it's about time I indulged in a little me time.

This post is about something I've been meaning to do since Christmas but, for one reason or another, I've just not got round to it. So, last weekend, amidst the whirlwind of house-hunting and budget planning, I managed to find half an hour to put this beauty together...

The idea came from my frustration at how my necklaces always seem to tangle themselves up, no matter how carefully I store them. Perusing Zara Home for Christmas inspiration I came across these beautiful deco drawer pulls, et voila!, an idea was born.

With a little help from my Dad, I drilled 4 holes equal distances apart on a piece of wood about 12 inches long and 1 inch deep (the threads of the pulls were longer than this so needed sawing off to match the depth of the wood). I painted the wood with white paint and, once dry, sanded the edges slightly to give a bit of a shabby chic effect.

I then screwed the drawer pulls into the pre-drilled holes and secured to the wall with no-nails - simple and stylish!

LOVE | Hannah

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  1. Looks the dogs Han. Grat photography too. Have your talents no end?