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23 FEBRUARY 2013

It's been a difficult week for me. I've heard before how stressful buying a house can be, but I never really believed anyone until now. 

In case you hadn't guessed, my boyfriend (Tom) and I are looking to buy our first house. We are first time buyers, desperate to find that perfect house and get ourselves on the property ladder before interest rates go up and property prices rise beyond our budget. The last few weeks have been a never-ending emotional roller-coaster of house viewings and stressful financial decisions. 

After a disappointing viewing early in the week, Thursday came with the promise of perfection - a project house, under budget, and in a near-perfect location. We left our viewing with visions of what we would do to the place and eager to make an offer. I rang as soon as I could the following day, only to find that an offer had been made and accepted by an investor. We were gutted.

Anyway, with a free weekend ahead of me, I had the chance to take stock and snap myself out of my miserable 'nothing ever goes right for me' stupor. So, I decided to do this the only way I know how; by getting creative.

With some encouraging words from friends and family, I have begun to realise that my impatience to nest has been getting the better of me. Despite the fact that things feel miserable right now, I know that another 'perfect' house will come along soon enough - I just need to be patient. So, I thought I needed some inspiration to wake up to in the mornings. I found an old frame and a piece of vellum, and painted that word on it in the hope that it will remind me that good things come to those who wait.

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