Saturday, 15 March 2014


15 MARCH 2014

I already have blonde hair, so when the sun comes out and I see girls popping up all over the place with their gorgeous ombre locks, I must admit that I get a little hair envy. Ok, you got me, I get a lot of hair envy.

So, my answer to the need for some summer in my hair was to 'blombre' myself. My hair is a medium blonde colour, so I chose a platinum shade to dye my ends. My favourite is L'Oreal Preference  because it has the most gorgeous smelling colour enhancing conditioner that leaves my hair unbelievably silky. This is particularly important as blonde shades tend to break and damage your hair, so buying a colour with a good conditioner is crucial.

This particular shade, Extreme Platinum, comes with a violet tinted conditioner to eliminate any brassy tones.

Et voila! It might not be quite the contrast of a traditional ombre, but at least my hair feels a little more summery now! Bring on the sunshine!!

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