Sunday, 1 June 2014


1 JUNE 2014

Happy June everyone! And what a beautiful start to the summer today has been. With the sun shining and flavours of summer in the air, we felt like indulging in something delicious and quintessentially British. A quick scout around our fridge uncovered a punnet of raspberries, and with it came my inspiration for a home-made cream tea of raspberry jam and freshly baked scones.

This was a double-team effort by myself and my boy. Whilst I tackled the jam, he donned his apron and got baking! As recipes go, I definitely got the better end of the deal with the jam as scones are notoriously difficult to perfect. Good job my boy is good at baking because these scones were delicious - well done baby!

Fancy your own summer cream tea? Have a look at the recipes we followed from the Women's Institute and Paul Hollywood. Simply follow the links and enjoy.

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