Wednesday, 2 July 2014


2 JULY 2014

A colleague of mine inspired me to find and try this recipe after I found out she hasn't bought bread for about 20 years. Every few days she makes her own, low gluten, high fibre, preservative-free bread from scratch. Full of admiration and feeling inspired, I decided to make my own. Using the recipe she described to me as a guide, I scoured the internet and found the perfect recipe on the fabulous cooking blog, Belleau Kitchen. Click here to follow it for yourself.

For my loaf I substituted the white flour for half wholemeal and half spelt flour (trying to be good, you know). Give it a go, and if you're worried about the fennel, don't be, it really adds another delicious dimension to this healthy homemade loaf! Here's how mine turned out...

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