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19 AUGUST 2013

Continuing the interior design theme from my last post I thought I would share my DIY cushion covers with you. This fabulous printed navy and white fabric is just £4 a metre from Ikea, and is the perfect match for our new midnight blue sofa, from Welsh-based company, Couch.

I'm sure you've made cushion covers before, but if you haven't I urge you to try it! They really are super easy, and buying your own fabric makes them a bargain as well.

MATERIALS (for 2 medium-sized cushion covers):

1 metre of 150cm wide fabric
Cotton thread
Sewing machine
Dressmaking scissors
2 square cushion inners


Fold the fabric in half so that it now measures 100 x 75cm. Smooth it out flat and, along the long, folded edge of your fabric, measure a distance twice the width of your cushion plus 5cm for hemming. Mark with a row of pins towards the opposing long edge. Down the shorter edge, measure a distance that equals the width of your cushion plus 5cm to allow your edges to overlap later. Cut out using your dressmaking scissors, using the lines of pins as a guideline.

You should now have a folded piece of fabric that is open at one end. Fold and pin a hem at each open end approximately 1.5cm wide, ensuring the wrong sides of the fabric are pressed together.

Using a sewing machine, stitch each hem and remove the pins. You should now have a long piece of fabric that is hemmed at both ends. Fold it, keeping right sides together, so that the hemmed edges overlap slightly in the centre of the square. Adjust so that the distance perpendicular to the hems measures the width of your cushion.

Pin the sides together that are perpendicular to the overlapped hems, and stitch roughly 1.5cm from the edges sing the markings on your sewing machine as a guide. Remove any remaining pins and turn your cushion cover inside out.

Repeat the above for cushion number two, stuff your cushions inside, et voila! Get comfy.

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