Tuesday, 26 August 2014


26 AUGUST 2014

Nobody likes the Tuesday after a bank holiday. Especially when it was also the wettest, most miserable bank holiday on record and your boiler decided to break down too. However, thinking of these three little things helped me combat my back-to-work-rainy-day-no-heating blues today and put a smile on my face. Life's not so bad after all...

1. I had two slices of this bad boy on Sunday - thanks Mum, you'll be making that one again please :)

2. My boyfriend bought me surprise lilies

3. Our new house is starting to feel and look like a home!


  1. Your new home looks fabulous Han. Definitely a good reason to cheer yourself up on a drab and rainy Tuesday. Congrats to you and Tom. I'm proud of you both. (Must do something about the corner of the rug. I have an idea. Remind me to tell you on Thursday). Love you. Dad XX

  2. I think I surprised myself with how good the pudding turned out, wouldn't have looked like it did without your help though :). I will be making it again. I didn't know about the lilies, what a lovely boyfriend you have. As for your home, Dad has said it all, it looks lovely. Congratulations to both of you xx